Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Manic Monday in a Wetland

Had a little time to waste today between two real estate shoots and it was a very dreary morning. I struck out at the bird sanctuary in Forest Lake but found this fabulous small park across the street. It was a peaceful drive through a wetland area, and other then the road being washed out I had a blast. Luckily didn't drown my car :)

And then found this cute little barn on the way back!

Foggy Morning

I had two shoots this morning. One fun family one for the Dittmer Clan, and a property shoot out West. A pretty nasty fog was sticking around so I talked the Dittmers into some fun Foggy Park Shots. I think they turned out super cool and unique, for a unique bunch of people!

Also, this is what my drive out west looked like. The drive sucked!