Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am so much better when I don't edit my photos for at least a week. So often I miss amazing images because I have either something in my head at the time I clicked the shutter, or I was so openminded going into the shoot that I didn't know what to expect.It's so hard to explain: I know when clicking the shutter what the image will look like, but it's like this photo mindf*ck in my head as to what I am expecting the image to convey. I wonder if other photogs feel that, or am I just weird?

Ok I'm done editing for the night, I'm getting emotionally attached to my images. I did at least catch up on all the DVDs I haven't mailed to my models. Sorry my lovely ladies. The DVDs ended up in the tax stack, and I'm deathly afraid of taxes this year, but they have to be done... I do not like paying so much when I survive on so little....

One more cup of coffee and then I'm turning Zepplin off and shutting down The Beast [my PC]. I need to get out, talk to some people or something!