Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween

There is a long story for why this shoot took 2 years, how does that saying go, patience only makes the image stronger? Something like that. But, I am sure you have noticed in this blog that I am not a wordsmith, I am a visual artist, so I will keep this short and more on technique.

Miss Mae and I talked about this shoot 2 years ago, I even brought the witch hat to her house to show her how excited I was. Life happens, and she ended up having to heal from a nasty car accident. So in that time I found some great props, and was practicing with psychedelic lighting.

The cauldron is just a painted old tupperware, with a halloween bubbler installed in the bottom. I wrapped a pedestal with black fabric and had some fantastic pothos cuts to add some green. There are 4 colored lights with one main spotlight. Can you spot the colors?

The best part is it started raining during the shoot, and in the second image you can see these fantastic raindrops in the cauldron and on the leaves. I wish I had funding to print these LARGE!!! The colors are just so beautiful...


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pools at Night

I am excited waiting to see the roll-out of the new sales catalog for Performance Pools and Spa. It was great working with them on this large project, and I cannot praise them and Engels Marketing enough. These craftsmen made my job easy, it was an honor to photograph these beautiful water spaces. I had to share just a few previews from the night I got chewed up by mosquitoes.