Friday, December 25, 2015

Santa Was Good To Us This Year

Santa was very good to Josh and I this Christmas. He hand delivered Krampus cookies all the way from Germany, and a new Kitchen Aid mixer to help Josh cook those amazing meals.

Can't wait to post photos of the bread and fun things we are going to bake!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Super Excited About New Studio Space

I am so excited I found a shared studio space in the only building I ever wanted a studio space. You can now find me in the old Grain Belt Brewery! Hooray!

(sorry for the crappy cell phone pic)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

KMK and Blonde Swan at the Ren Fest

When KMK or the Blonde Swan ask about a shoot, I drop everything, because I know we are going to do something fun! This year was Miss Blonde Swans first year at the MN Ren Fest, and she talked me into coming out for an impromptu shoot to show off her new KMK Designs Renaissance Dress. Just too much awesome to resist!!!


Fashion in the City Shoot

Just a little fun fashion in the city!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Inspiration can be found anywhere

"Inspiration can be found anywhere" is what Virginia Beahan told us my sophomore year at Mass College of Art. She encouraged us to keep Inspirational Journals to train us to write down our ideas. She said no matter if it was movies, images or even words, anything could inspire your art.

I wasn't the most diligent in keeping a journal, but I tried. And 20 years later, I don't even have to write down my ideas anymore. Inspirational things hide compartmentalized in my mind, waiting to form an image.

My latest image is a culmination of years of practice, newly inspired lighting techniques, and Van Goghs purple irises. I have always loved his work and recently got to view the visiting painting at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. It's hard to admit, but it brought tears to my eyes.

Sometimes for inspiration I go to thrift stores and look for outfits or props. I found this blue dress and instantly had to have it. I hung it in my room for about two months, contemplating the scene I wanted to create with it. 

Believe it or not it, the final ingredient was the Walking Dead scene where they found the musical jewelry box with the plastic ballerina inside. What a memory from the past, as a kid I loved mechanical music boxes, and would be enthralled watching the gears work.

I dreamt that night and woke up with my final idea. The ballerina in the garden, with the background lit like an old master would paint the background of a portrait or still life. Blurring the background and notice the small intentional halo of light behind her..  

So there you have a glimpse into my process. It's taken years of imagination, experimentation, and inspiration to make the art I create. I hope you can tell I am not your average photographer. I do not imitate, I use emotions, psychology, and lighting and photo knowledge to build my photograph, basically painting in light as I click the shutter. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Lobby of Leows Minneapolis

IndieWalls contacted me again to photograph the art they installed at Leows Hotel in Minneapolis. The lobby looks awesome! If you ever wonder where the cool art in new hotels comes from, check out

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween

There is a long story for why this shoot took 2 years, how does that saying go, patience only makes the image stronger? Something like that. But, I am sure you have noticed in this blog that I am not a wordsmith, I am a visual artist, so I will keep this short and more on technique.

Miss Mae and I talked about this shoot 2 years ago, I even brought the witch hat to her house to show her how excited I was. Life happens, and she ended up having to heal from a nasty car accident. So in that time I found some great props, and was practicing with psychedelic lighting.

The cauldron is just a painted old tupperware, with a halloween bubbler installed in the bottom. I wrapped a pedestal with black fabric and had some fantastic pothos cuts to add some green. There are 4 colored lights with one main spotlight. Can you spot the colors?

The best part is it started raining during the shoot, and in the second image you can see these fantastic raindrops in the cauldron and on the leaves. I wish I had funding to print these LARGE!!! The colors are just so beautiful...


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pools at Night

I am excited waiting to see the roll-out of the new sales catalog for Performance Pools and Spa. It was great working with them on this large project, and I cannot praise them and Engels Marketing enough. These craftsmen made my job easy, it was an honor to photograph these beautiful water spaces. I had to share just a few previews from the night I got chewed up by mosquitoes.